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If water runs through it, we do it!

  The main meter had a water line leak at the gate valve. Smart plumber Joel used a "Magpie" digital laser measurement device that measured the piping length that was needed to be replaced.   Approximately 60 feet, in length, and 18" deep trench from the house to gate valve. The underground main water line galvanized piping was found to have very bad corrosion creating a potentially a very high water bill for our unlucky customer.  Fortunately, our customer was smart enough to have Smart plumber & Rooters number dialed in for those unforeseen circumstances that can turn any day into a total washout! After identifying the location  and isolation of the leak our Smart plumber Joel got straight to work excavating an 18" trench. The corroded piping was quickly removed and replaced with 1" durable copper piping and regulating valve, complete with hose bib.  ..More digging! Vinyl mat for good, clean work ethic. Before: Old galvanized valve piping. Copper plumbing
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Bathtub Drainpipe Fix

Recently one of our customers called Smart Plumbers to report a smell coming from their bathtub. When our plumber Patrick investigated the crawlspace he observed a misaligned tub drainpipe. After removing the debris and installing a new coupling, the newly-sealed pipe prevented any untoward sewer smells from escaping through. Way to go, Patrick!

Water Line Repair Under The House (video)

Our reputation has leaked out!

  Our Smartplumber Joey was dispatched to a familiar scenario where customers are too often faced with a sudden increase in their monthly water bill. In no time at all, our Smartplumber was able to quickly determine that the laundry room had sprung a leak; underneath the hot water line piping stone-tiled floor!   This was determined by using a thermal heat sensor that was used to locate the direction of the pipeline and where exactly the pipe damage was.   (This type of device reminds me of a Dr's stethoscope, where earphones and a sensor are used to detect and hear soft hissing sounds). Next, our Smartplumber Joey had to excavate a 1-foot hole beneath the stone tile directly above the heat source was and where the hissing sound was detected. Hey, presto! Sure enough, there was a corroded hairline crack in the 3/4" copper piping directly below.  Joey, then went on to patch the copper piping with a soldering copper patch. (These copper patches are proven to withstand pressure i

Water is the only drink for a wise man..Here are some tips.

Water softeners help remove minerals and other unwanted materials from your water supply before the water reaches the rest of the house. The softeners salt, "softens" hard water and reduces mineral buildup on showerheads and other appliances. Since water softeners are installed at the beginning of the plumbing system they can cause low water pressure. Identify the problem First, verify that the water softener is actually causing the lost water pressure. Turn the valve on top of the softener that is labeled "bypass," ( Which will allow water to flow straight through the pipes without passing through the softener .) Turn on a faucet after turning the bypass valve to see if the performance has improved. If it has, the water softener is the cause of the low water pressure; if not, the problem is likely located somewhere else, eg: water pressure regulating valve, rusty piping, supply, hidden leak, etc. All water softeners contain a sediment filter that traps dirt and deb

The Best Seat in the House

 Here at Smartplumber & Rooters one of our customers decided it was time to get a smart toilet. Namely a Toto Vespin tech toilet. It comes with a Double Cyclone flush technology that siphons water quietly, with two powerful nozzles to maximize cleaning and saves 20% water. The ceramic glaze prevents debris and molds build-up from sticking.   Therefore, less water usage. It's Calgreen, ADA, and CEC compliant.  It also has a concealed trap that provides for a smoother and less utilitarian appearance and a built-in skirt that hides the discharge passageway from view.  Smartplumber Joey goes to work isolating the shut-off valve and removes the old toilet, adding a new flange and pvc piping.  This new design prevents the toilet leaking at the base and eliminates the chance of any nasty odors. Smart plumber tip:  All there is left to decide is wether the toilet seat is left up or down?Personally, I never really understood the toilet seat up or down debate. The solution, as I see it,

We aim to please!

 Our Smartplumber Joey was called out to the local Capitol Flea Market. Smartplumber Joey quickly learned that the main drain line had a backed up 14 urinals inside which weren't able to flush.  Joey got straight to work by whipping out his snake...The Model 100 drain cleaning machine that is! Perfect for the job at hand. Joey was able to climb on to the rooftop to snake out the  main vertical drain line. Joey also learned that there was a separate drain line to 3 of the 14 urinals.                                                                                                                             Having successfully cleaned out the blocked drain line. It is always good to remember, no job is finished until the paperwork is done...done away in the trash.  We aim to please even if you don't! :) Call Smart Plumber & Rooters 24/7 408-247-2400