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Showing posts from February 23, 2020

Jammed Garbage Disposal

When you go to use your disposal and you hear a humming sound without the unit turning on, that's letting you know that something is stuck and it's jammed.  The humming sound is a good sign because that means the motor is working on the disposal.  The first thing you want to try is the reset button under the sink on the disposal (it will be a red button).

Push and hold for about one minute, then switch the power on to see if it works. You will need a flash light to see what is stuck inside the chamber; it could be something very small next to the walls of the disposal.  Never put your hand inside and make sure the power is off. There is no one way to get whatever it is that's stuck inside out of the disposal so try several ways, like maybe duck tape at the end of something long or a thin flat head screw driver etc. Sometimes a broom stick will work to help un-jam the disposal (put the end of the broom stick inside the sink hole and try to get the bottom or the blades of th…

New Water Heater Install

Smart Plumber tech Federico recently installed a new water heater at a commercial facility, which is an especially critical situation given a business' urgent need for hot water at a temperature that is acceptable for an inspection. Way to go, Federico.

Faucet Aerators


Aerators are a small mesh screen that has air coming through that reduces splashing and controls the flow of water.
Dirty aerators can cause low water pressure due to build up of sediments in bathroom sinks, showers, and kitchen sinks. The aerator can be cleaned by removing the screen on the front of the faucet or shower head.   Aerators should be cleaned once every 6 months or so to keep the water pressure right.  Aerators come in different sizes.  You can use coins such as a dime or a nickle to tell the size of aerator you may need, simply by removing the insert and washer and placing a coin on top of the aerator.  That will determine the size.

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