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Plumbing Vent Pipes:

Plumbing vent pipes

When your plumbing vent pipes are not working properly neither will the plumbing in your home.
Often plumbing vent pipes or vent stacks are overlooked.  Plumbing vent pipes can also get clogged with debris or damaged. The plumbing system and vent pipes work together.  Vent pipes help regulate air pressure in the plumbing system to help water flow through drain pipes easier.  It also helps keep your house smelling fresh.
If your vent pipes are clogged you will notice sewage odor.  That's because sewage gases have no where to go so they re-enter your home causing your home to smell like sewage.  Another sign is you may hear your toilets and drains making gurgling sounds or you may also have slow drains.
If your vent pipes become completely clogged you will no longer hear gurgling sounds and the smell of sewage will come into your home.  Although clogs can be cleared it will only be temporary.
A clogged vent pipe can cause further damage to your plumbing that can …

Under-house drainline repair (video)

The sewer line is the 4-inch line that all other drains empty into. The drains inside the home are typically 2-inch lines. There are also vent lines, which keep drain smells from lingering in the home, traps, and cleanouts. All drain line components help keep the home free of sewer gases, enable effective methods of snaking and cleaning out the line, and trapping odors and debris in the line.

In this instance we have Smart Plumber technicians Joel and Rafael performing a drain replacement under the house.

Bathtub Drainpipe Fix

Recently one of our customers called Smart Plumbers to report a smell coming from their bathtub. When our plumber Patrick investigated the crawlspace he observed a misaligned tub drainpipe. After removing the debris and installing a new coupling, the newly-sealed pipe prevented any untoward sewer smells from escaping through. Way to go, Patrick!

Home Remedies: (to clear a clogged drain)

Things you can try at home to unclog drains:

 Plunger:  Of course the first thing we would try is a plunger to unclog a drain but if that don't work you can try these other methods before calling a plumber.
A wire hanger can be extended and bend a hook at the one end of the hanger to fish out anything that may be clogging the drain.

Boiling water and dish soap:  Boil about 2 liters of water and 2 table spoons of dish soap and slowly pour it into kitchen sink drain.  This may take a few times but will turn grease into a liquid form to help grease travel out of the drain and clear.  You may want to do this on a regular basis as a precaution to keep the drain clear of grease.

Baking soda and Salt:  About a 1/2 cup each mix together and let sit a hour or more then add boiling hot water.

Baking Soda and Vinegar:  Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of vinegar into drain wait about 1 hour then add boiling hot water.  This should clear the line.

Salt, Borax and Vinegar:  Take 1/4 cup salt …