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Please do take a seat!

Here at Smartplumbers, we tackle all jobs great and small. Recently, our Smartplumber Joey was called to do a relatively routine toilet repair which was leaking at the floor base.  Joey quickly got to the task in hand and saw that the reason for the leak was that the flange was damaged.

 It was old and cracked and whoever did the work prior did not remove the damaged flange. 
Instead, a new flange was placed on top of the old one.

 This type of shoddy work created an uneven surface for the toilet which was raised a little too high off the floor allowing leaks, mold growth, and unpleasant odor to manifest.

In short, our Smartplumber completed the task with a durable carbonized iron flange and threw in a free wax seal..nice one Joey!

Our customer was very pleased with Joey's professional work. We are Diamond Certified for 
good reason.
We pride ourselves on the expert work that we do. Please check out our reviews!
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