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Smart Plumber Chris and Federico at work on replacing a clean out for one of our customers Call Smart Plumbers and Rooters for all your plumbing needs.

Yes, Even Plumbers Need Plumbing Repairs! Copper Repipe Job Here At Smart Plumbers, Inc.

Recently at our shop here we experienced a leak below the concrete slab (the foundation of a property). Normally, one would turn to their preferred resource of choice to look up a plumber, but in a business that consists almost entirely of them, help was not far away.

3 Ways Small Leaks Can Lead Into Big Problems

1. Over time a small leak will eat away at the floor, walls, and pretty much anything else it comes in contact with. This will not happen overnight, but over the course of several months standing water which is constantly added to will cause damage. This is even more so the case if you cannot see the leak and clean it up from time to time. 2. Mold is a major problem, and the main culprit is moisture. A small leak can lead to mold and related issues in no time at all. Mold is a health hazard for those living in the house. To go along with this, it will also make your home nearly impossible to sell if the time ever comes. Nobody wants to buy a home that has been affected by mold. It is expensive to repair, and if left alone, harmful to your health. 3. A leaking pipe can lead to poor performance. This may not be a huge problem, but when you turn the water on it will feel like something is a bit “off.” This may be the least of your concerns, but one that should tip you o

Quickie Guide to Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters come in different varieties. With an energy-efficient tankless water heater you are looking at the potential to gain savings on your utility bill. With a tankless unit, water is "on demand"; it's only heated as you need it by running the water over a heating element. The other benefit is how compact in size and how much space you'd save in comparison to a more common 40 gallon water heater. Tankless water heaters also protect you from scalding yourself with hot water via sensors and automatic shut-off valves that control the unit and prevent it from overheating. Smart Plumbers and Rooters is always happy and ready to help solve your plumbing needs. Call and schedule an appointment for one of our professional plumbers to come out to you. We're happy to answer any further questions you have about tankless water heaters, as well.

The Rundown on Hard and Soft Water

Hard water verses Soft water: Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk that are made of calcium and magnesium. Hard water causes dishes to have spots and film, white build up on shower heads, fixtures and faucets, and will stain or leave a rusty ring of scum build-up around tub, toilet and sinks.  It can build up inside drain lines and eventually become clogged.  Clothes will wear-out faster and become dull.  It also causes dry skin and itchy scalp leading to eczema and dandruff.  These are just some of the effects hard water has. Soft Water feels silky and leaves your skin and hair feeling soft, essentially doing the opposite of hard water. It also prolongs the lifespan of water heaters and dish washers and can save on your energy bill. When considering a softener remember there are many to choose from and you can call Smart Plumbers and Rooters for all of your plumbing needs.