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How to keep the kitchen drain line clear

Kitchen Drain Line: One of the reasons a kitchen drain line would back up is grease.  We often put grease down the kitchen line when we shouldn't; it could be grease left in the pan or on dishes. After time grease accumulates sticking to the sides of the line like scum until the build up eventually clogs the drain. Let's take for example our skin: if we never showered we would have build up on our skin from day to day and eventually we would end up with a thick layer of grime. Well the same goes with the kitchen line, after time the build of grease turns into sludge and gets hard like cement so when you snake the line you can unclog the drain (Like picture#1) but you will still have the harden grease stuck on the inner part of the pipe (Like picture #2).  Now there are two problems with the kitchen line one: is the grease build up will cause corrosion over time. Corrosion will eat up at the pipe causing it to leak.  The second problem is that a kitchen line require

More About Cleanouts And Why Every Homeowner Needs One

Whether or not your property has a cleanout is one of the first questions Smart Plumbers will ask you over the phone after you share your problem with us. They're so important that this topic has now become a 3-part series (click  here  for our earlier entry on sewer cleanouts). Here, we'll visually demonstrate the difference it makes. Our master plumber Joel is using a line locator to pinpoint the area where the obstruction is posing a problem. The cleanout allows Joel to do whatever he needs to right at the point of entry for the pipe. This customer in Mountain View, on the other hand, lacked a sewer cleanout on their property. In this scenario, Joel with the aid of a second helper to feed the line at ground level went up on their roof to cable the sewerline through their roof vent. We will get the job done this way, but it's more expensive and poses more safety challenges. Either way, our expert plumbers will be happy to solve your problem. At the s

Tales From the Job Field: A Sewer Lateral Repair

The city of Belmont did a sewer lateral rehabilitation project on one of our customer's properties - without actually connecting their lines! This left them without a proper sewer service. Luckily, Smart Plumber Patrick was up to the task. He discovered that the pipe was off-set and our cable wasn't able to proceed down to clear any obstruction. Our drainline camera also couldn't proceed down for that reason. Using a locator we found where the problem was at, meeting the sewer lateral. Putting the camera down in the neighbor's cleanout to identify how close we were at the spot to dig led us to find out the lines weren't connected at all (because it's the city lines they're supposed to be connected and tap in from the same source). We informed the property owner about these findings and made the initiative to get the city involved. The city signed off on the work after we got authorization and ended up making all necessary repairs. Smart Plumbers can be t

More About Slab Leaks

Slab leaks: A break or crack can occur on the lines under the foundation of your house.  This can happen to the water or sewer lines.  Water will seep out causing the ground to stay wet.  Eventually if left undetected the ground may shift and offset not only your plumbing but also cause damage to your home, such such as the foundation to crack or buckle also mildew and mold will start appear. As you know mold is very bad for your health. This type of problem can be very costly both to your health and your wallet.  You will notice warm wet spots on the floor, low water pressure and increased water bill. Call Smart Plumbers and Rooters for any of your plumbing needs.

5 Smart Plumber-Worthy Plumbing Tips

Here at Smart Plumbers & Rooters we're always just a phone call away from coming to your aid for whatever plumbing problems you have in your home or business. With that being said, sometimes a little preventative maintenance or general plumbing know-how on the customer side of things goes a long way. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.