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Plumbing Vent Pipes:

Plumbing vent pipes When your plumbing vent pipes are not working properly neither will the plumbing in your home. Often plumbing vent pipes or vent stacks are overlooked.  Plumbing vent pipes can also get clogged with debris or damaged. The plumbing system and vent pipes work together.  Vent pipes help regulate air pressure in the plumbing system to help water flow through drain pipes easier.  It also helps keep your house smelling fresh. If your vent pipes are clogged you will notice sewage odor.  That's because sewage gases have no where to go so they re-enter your home causing your home to smell like sewage.  Another sign is you may hear your toilets and drains making gurgling sounds or you may also have slow drains. If your vent pipes become completely clogged you will no longer hear gurgling sounds and the smell of sewage will come into your home.  Although clogs can be cleared it will only be temporary. A clogged vent pipe can cause further damage to your plumbing t