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Like To Save Money? This Customer Does. Cleanout Installation Underway

In an  earlier article  we broke down what a property-line cleanout is and the function it serves in allowing easy access to your drainage system. Here is the process of installing a cleanout in action, courtesy of Smart Plumber Patrick. This will save any homeowner substantial amounts of money in the future should they ever have to call a plumber. Without a cleanout, removing the toilet for drain-access or going on the roof to access the vent can amount to a job totaling twice as much or more than simply running a cable through the cleanout.

Preventative Maintenance saves time and your dime..Smart Plumbers & Rooters is here for you!

Preventative maintenance is key for optimal cost efficiency and longevity. Illustrated below is "Before and After" photos by our Smart Plumber Joel. The vertical main ball valve is corroded and is incorrectly fitted, notice the galvanize and copper piping are fitted together. Please note: galvanized pipes should not be connected directly to copper pipes due to the connection causing galvanic corrosion which consecutively is a source of an electrochemical reaction. Hence causing rust, clogging, and leaky pipes, both externally and internally.   Here's a Smart Plumber Tip: You can make use of a dielectric union to ensure metals do not have direct contact.   

Smart Plumber Before and After

Here we see a job where chrome brass piping was used and incorrectly positioned and is off-center to the tailpiece. The householder then used cheap flex drain piping as a short cut in his error to offset the gap. In doing so, debris and can easily collect and hasten to corrode and clog up internally leading to cracks and leaks.  Our expert plumber Joel, keenly set an AVS PVC elbow 45-degree angle to fit directly beneath vertical piping for effective flow feeding to the P-trap leading to wall exterior where a flange may be fitted for the finishing touch.