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If water runs through it, we do it!

  The main meter had a water line leak at the gate valve. Smart plumber Joel used a "Magpie" digital laser measurement device that measured the piping length that was needed to be replaced.   Approximately 60 feet, in length, and 18" deep trench from the house to gate valve. The underground main water line galvanized piping was found to have very bad corrosion creating a potentially a very high water bill for our unlucky customer.  Fortunately, our customer was smart enough to have Smart plumber & Rooters number dialed in for those unforeseen circumstances that can turn any day into a total washout! After identifying the location  and isolation of the leak our Smart plumber Joel got straight to work excavating an 18" trench. The corroded piping was quickly removed and replaced with 1" durable copper piping and regulating valve, complete with hose bib.  ..More digging! Vinyl mat for good, clean work ethic. Before: Old galvanized valve piping. Copper plumbing