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Showing posts from February 16, 2020

Be Wary of Liquid Drain Cleaners

The vast majority of liquid and some powdered drain openers are highly concentrated caustics products like lye; some are concentrated acids like sulfuric acid. These chemical drain openers can potentially be hazardous to your health, your kids, pets, and some time to your plumbing system when you’re trying to open a slow drain. Injuries to eyes, lungs, and skin as well as damage to clothing and plumbing pipes and trim can be serious and expensive. Past reports from the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) report that the body areas most involved in chemical drain cleaner injuries were the head (16% of the time), Trunk (28%), arms (28%), legs (28%) and shockingly eyes (64%). While the risk of a chemical drain cleaner injury is low, the CPSC said the consequences of serious and sometimes permanent bodily damage are significant in any event that does occur. In addition, mixing different drain cleaning products in the same slow drain can generate toxic and sometimes fatal fume

Breaking Down Our Own Main Water Service Repair

Today we follow-up on our previous post detailing the procedure undergone after we discovered a leak under the concrete slab here at the Smart Plumbers shop. Nothing depicts the action quite like video.

Repairing the Main Water Line Here At Smart Plumbers (Video Coming Soon)

As we recently documented in an earlier article, we had previously been dealing with a leak here at the Smart Plumbers that was located under the concrete slab of our property. Rather than dig up the old pipes to painstakingly search for and pinpoint the leak, we completely replaced the water line. Stay tuned for an accompanying video detailing the repair procedure soon. -