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Leaky Faucet

The sound of a leaky faucet can be annoying and expensive if not eventually repaired.  If your faucet is dripping it loses water at an average rate of one drip per second.  That's a total of 5 gallons per day of wasted water - money down the drain, in other words! You can try and repair the faucet yourself or you can be stress and worry free and  have one of our professional plumbers fix it for you. Call Smart Plumbers and Rooters and schedule an appointment for one of  our plumber to take care or your plumbing needs

Main Sewerline Back-Up

One way to know if your main sewer line is backing up is if your toilet is backing up into the shower or bathroom sink or if there are slow drains. Things like tampons and wet wipes should never be flushed in the toilet because it will eventually cause a clog.  The main sewer line is at its biggest in diameter like a tree stump and branches off into smaller pipes that go to your toilet, shower and sink.  If there is a clog right at the main line there is nowhere for the water to go so it goes back into the smaller pipes that go to the shower tub and sink, causing a backup.  Call Smart Plumbers and Rooters to schedule an appointment to have one of our professional plumbers to come take care of your plumbing needs

Garbage Disposal Maintenance and Care

Anytime you use your kitchen's garbage disposal, Smart Plumbers emphatically recommends that you avoid grinding up sticky foods like spaghetti noodles, wet potato peels, or carrot peels. The principal mechanism behind a garbage disposal is centrifugal force. When the disposal is turned on, the food scraps will travel to the outer walls of the can and the bottom blades will slice up the collected waste. Sticky food like spaghetti, however, will get stuck to the edges and not drop down properly in order to be cut by the blades into smaller, drainable pieces. When they finally do fall down the drain, they will accumulate into a sticky clump that can clog the kitchen drain pipe entirely. The above picture on the right shows a clogged sink on the garbage disposal side. On the left, we have potato peels jammed into the sink's P trap. These potato peels weren't grinded in the disposal and subsequently clogged the kitchen waste line. At Smart Plumbers, we fix ga

Meet Your Smart Plumber: Patrick

My name is Patrick and I've been a plumber at Smart Plumbers for 3 years. I frequently encounter challenges in this field of work that put my technical skills to the test but succeeding at the repair makes me a better technician for it - and the gratitude that the customer shows afterwards makes it all worthwhile. I enjoy the interaction with customers that this job brings, especially from the standpoint of answering their questions. The personal relationship between someone and a regular plumber that they trust is a dynamic you don't get at many other customer-service positions out there.

Tree Roots

When left unchecked, tree roots can infiltrate your underground pipes and cause eventual back-ups. This is a sizable root that our Smart Plumber Chris removed from a customer's mainline. When the problem gets this severe, we also recommend checking the status of the pipe and how much damage the roots caused to their structural integrity. As your local San Jose plumbers (along with other locations in the nearby Bay Area), we can perform this inspection and credit the fee toward the final cost of the repairs. Chris performed the drain cleaning and the mainline back-up was solved in the end.

Locating Your Cleanout

If you find yourself in the position of calling our company to fix a drain back-up, one of the most common questions we’ll extend to you is whether or not your property has a cleanout. All too often, this is met with marked perplexity from the customer as to just what a cleanout actually is. So Just What IS A Cleanout Anyway? The cleanout plays an important role in your property’s plumbing and waste disposal system. It allows easy outside access to your pipes via a cap or cover in case the drain line needs to be examined or cleared. For your sewer lines, the sewer line is typically located on the ground in the front or backyard. There is also a cleanout for the kitchen line of a property, which is located on the exterior of the kitchen where the sink drain is. If your property does not have either type of cleanouts, our plumbers will be happy to provide a quote for installing one. This will save you money in the long-term on remedying any future clogs. Rather than having to

Leak Detection

We encountered a significant problem today at Smart Plumbers and Rooters. Even as a Santa Clara plumbing company we too have plumbing issues. We received a higher than normal utility bill today, which tells us there was a leak somewhere in the building, but we didn’t know where the leak was. So we had Patrick one of our expert plumbers use a leak detector to locate the leak. Patrick our plumber found the leak within 5 minutes. He found the leak very fast. Patrick is a very super guy! Oh yeah! He’s a Smart Plumber!

The Importance Of Your Shut-Off Valve

The shut-off valve controls the water flow to certain fixtures like the bathroom faucet, toilet, and kitchen faucet and are easily accessible and easy to shut off if needed. The shut-off valve to the toilet is shaped like a football behind the toilet. For the faucets, you will find the shut-off valve under the sink, one for hot water and one for cold water. It is very important to know where the shut off valve is to prevent water damage from a leak or continuous flow of water. We are always ready and happy to help with your plumbing needs. Call Smart Plumbers and Rooters and schedule an appointment to have one of our professional plumbers to come out to you!