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Low shower head pressure; DIY quick tip

If you are experiencing low pressure from your shower head it can be caused by several things.  Remove showerhead and run water to check actual water volume and pressure. Before replacing showerhead it's a good idea to apply fresh plumbing tape (clockwise direction) to prevent any showerhead leaks. Flow restrictor valve/ water saver. Remove washer and colored restrictor flow valve replace washer. Calcium/Magnesium or lime  scale build up. Single Lever A single lever shower set up, remove handle and cover to get access to valve and cartridge.  Adjust hot 'red' screw, back off counter clockwise or/and cold 'blue' screw as needed for more pressure  flow. (Use Hex/Allan key, 2.5mm flathead screw driver, needle nose pliers). You may need to replace cartridge, clear clogged pipes.  You can purchase a water pressure gauge for your home to test overall water pressure coming into your household from city; 50 psi is generally good pressure.  Use Hex/Allan key, 2.5mm flathead
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Kitchen Sink Back-Up Rescue

This customer called us to report a clogged kitchen sink drain line that Joel was more than happy to make quick work of. As we've discussed with sewer lines before, having a cleanout (in this instance, for the kitchen drain) serves as a big relief for both the plumber and, perhaps most importantly, the customer's wallet.

Smart people call Smart Plumbers & Rooters

  Smart Technology can save energy not just on heating, cooling & lighting, it can save water through smart irrigation which are rapidly becoming features for environmentally friendly feature of "smart" homes today. Creating value in a home can increase interest and demand for a property when properly designed and installed. That's why we recommend Smart Plumber & Rooters; we're not just here for the nasty things in life like a blocked drain. Smart Water Heater Smart Shut off valve Smart Re-pipe Smart Garbage Disposal Smart Shower Modern "Smart" automation of water supply and drainage sanitation system is a good solution and timely notification for the home owner.  Smart Irrigation Smart Faucet Smart Toilet/Bidet As a  result, the smart sewage and water management system allows for the increase of comfort of a person's life inside the house, minimize the risk of possible emergencies, reduce maintenance cost, minimize harm to the environment as a

Don't go to bed with a drip, we'll repair what your husband fixed.

Got a leak, we'll take a peek! Most faucets generally last for 15-20years.  One of the most common signs that it's time to replace your faucet is when it doesn't perform as well as it should or needs constant repairs to function . Most people only pay attention to their faucets when they build up rust, (valve seat rusts causing leaks) or has low water pressure.   Internal Cleaning & External: BAKING SODA Isolate the shut off valve before dissembling the faucet from the sink and pipe using the correct tools. Keep the faucet open and turn it upside down and add the baking soda in its interior and exterior. You can use a small brush to brush off the corrosion, then rinse with clean water and reassemble when done. Exterior: LEMON JUICE PASTE   This method is a good solution to remove rust from the exterior of a faucet. Use warm water or a clean cloth to remove rust build up. In a bowl, mix 1/4 cup of salt with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix to a paste and apply evenly on

Water Heater Swap-Out

Water heaters have a relatively long lifespan of approximately 8-12 years. Certain factors, such as not maintaining a regular flushing schedule, can hamper this longevity and pose problems. One insightful customer suspected his water heater tank needed a flush. The unit was old enough that Chris the plumber went ahead and installed an entirely new unit. Then we did something not typically done as part of our clean-up procedure. After we brought the old water heater back to the shop (as a courtesy we haul away the old one for the customer), Chris cut open the tank to reveal the insides. You don't get to see a water heater dissection done very often! It turns out that there wasn't much sediment inside the tank, but it was heavily rusted inside - definitely warranting a unit change. Bang-up job, Chris!

What You Should Know About Replacing Your Main Water Line

Many houses in the Bay Area have cold water lines that are in need of replacing. Modern pipe materials for this purpose include copper, plastic, and galvanized steel. When combining copper pipe with galvanized steel the material placement is very important. The normal lifespan of copper pipes is about 50 years, while galvanized steel pipes only last about 10 years. In the first picture, you can see the corrosive build-up of rust in a steel pipe over a span of 30 years. When the rust from a galvanized steel pipe spreads to a copper pipe, corrosion will quickly occur and form a pinhole leak. The bottom picture shows an example of a copper pipe with rust caused by water coming through the galvanized part. We strongly recommend placing copper pipe first in the line before the galvanized section.

Leaking Shower Head? Smart Plumbers Can Fix That!

A long-time customer called complaining of a leak coming from their showerhead. We dispatched Smart Plumbers technician Christopher to assess the situation and make any necessary repairs. Behold, the before picture. Nice set-up, but the leak is posing a serious problem to the user. Chris proceeded to cut open the tile in order to perform some behind-the-wall shower surgery. With the guts revealed he was primed and ready to work on fixing the leak. Not only was the problematic showerhead replaced, but with the wall already open anyways the customer gave the go-ahead to...well, go ahead  and replace the shower control valve as well. Out with the old, in with the new.