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Our reputation has leaked out!

  Our Smartplumber Joey was dispatched to a familiar scenario where customers are too often faced with a sudden increase in their monthly water bill. In no time at all, our Smartplumber was able to quickly determine that the laundry room had sprung a leak; underneath the hot water line piping stone-tiled floor!   This was determined by using a thermal heat sensor that was used to locate the direction of the pipeline and where exactly the pipe damage was.   (This type of device reminds me of a Dr's stethoscope, where earphones and a sensor are used to detect and hear soft hissing sounds). Next, our Smartplumber Joey had to excavate a 1-foot hole beneath the stone tile directly above the heat source was and where the hissing sound was detected. Hey, presto! Sure enough, there was a corroded hairline crack in the 3/4" copper piping directly below.  Joey, then went on to patch the copper piping with a soldering copper patch. (These copper patches are proven to withstand pressure i