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Where is your main shut off valve?

Most people do not know where there main shut off valve is at there home. Hopefully this will help you locate the main shut off valve. Main shut off valves allows water to come into your home when open and when closed will shut water down water to the entire house.  Water main shut off can be inside or on the perimeter of your of your house.   Reason being that is where water first enter your home. Always the side facing the street.  Water lines run from water main to the shut off valve. One thing to remember is if your in a basement you will be looking eye level or up if you are on the ground level you will be looking down.  In the basement you will look towards the from of the house.  From the utility box in front of your home stand on top of the utility box and walk the shortest path in a straight line to your house your shut off valve should be in that area,  if it is not visible it will be behind a panel. Sometimes the shut off valve will be located near the water heater or in

Smart Plumbers and Rooters Monthly Meetings

Once a month we have a mandatory monthly meeting here at Smart Plumbers and Rooters.   The meetings are usually scheduled very early in the morning.  These meetings involves everyone that works for Smart Plumbers and Rooters.  At these meetings we discuss any problems that have taken place during the month, safety issues, customer concerns, employee concerns and how we can improve our company and service.  Our plumbers hard work never goes unnoticed and all plumbers are appreciated and thank by the owner for working so hard each and every day.  Each plumbers work is reviewed all  month  and in our meeting we announce one plumber for Plumber of the month with an award. This is probably the only time that all the employee's gather here at the office at the same time. After the meeting we enjoy coffee and breakfast supplied by the company owner.  One of the biggest concerns this month was safety cause of the Corona virus.  Health is always a concern and is in the best interest fo