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Tools every home should have:

It's always a good idea to have tools in your home: Often times something will come up and you need a certain tool for the problem.  The list below are some of the tools that will come in handy,  not just with plumbing but are good to have in case something arises. Plungers and Auger:   There are drain cleaning tools that will come in handy for those unexpected problems. Zip-It:  This can be used on the sink drain and also the tub drain.  This is used to pull hair and gunk that may be clogging your drain.  It's a long thin piece of plastic ( about 2 or 3' ) with teeth to catch hair and gunk as you pull it out of the drain. Bucket:  for catching water if needed Garbage disposal wrench:   To turn shredder and clear clogs Adjustable wrench:  For Hex shaped nuts. Allen Wrenches:    used to drive and remove nuts Tongue and groove pliers:  turning and holding nuts and bolts Stubby Screw Drivers (Flat head and Phillips:  insert and remove screws Washer and

Six type of vent pipes

Six Types of Venting Stacks:  depending on the purpose they serve: Soil Stack:   Receives discharge from sinks, showers, tubs and toilets but never from urinals or water closets. Waste Stack:   Tie into clean water fixtures. Vent Stacks:  No liquid runs through the vent stack only air flow through the drain system. Leaders:  Rain water these extend horizontally.  Storm drain or combined sewer drain to roof. Branch drains:   These lines branch off like a tree vertically to toilets sinks, dishwasher, washing machine etc.  These lines carry waste to basement underground drain lines Horizontal underground lines:  are underground main lines that are under the slab usually in common areas and are slightly pitched cause they are gravity powered.  These line carry waste to the city sewer.  The horizontal lines that receive from waste and soil stacks run in building sewer line. Call Smart Plumbers and Rooters to schedule an appointment for all your plumbing needs

Mobile Home Plumbing:

Have you ever wondered where the plumbing pipes are for your mobile home?  Unlike a house where a lot of your plumbing is underground, in a mobile home the plumbing is under the bottom flooring system or belly board. The area under the flooring is insulated; this helps keep everything in place. In a mobile home most of your pipes come up through the floor, not through through the roof like in single family homes. You will usually find the main line clean out in the back of the mobile home. It will have a cap that can be remove to gain access in case the line needs to be cleared.

Apartment plumbing system overview

The plumbing system for a apartment building is the same as a single family home system, only it branches out to provide water to each unit..  One of the most difficult things in a apartment buildin is getting enough pressure for water to reach each unit. All plumbing systems have one with fresh water coming in and one that carries waste that goes out. Fresh water uses pressure to get fresh water to all the units but the waste water system always aims downward and vents in the system lets air in this allows waste to flow much easier.  Traps in the system stops waste from coming back up.