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Low shower head pressure; DIY quick tip

If you are experiencing low pressure from your shower head it can be caused by several things. 

Remove showerhead and run water to check actual water volume and pressure. Before replacing showerhead it's a good idea to apply fresh plumbing tape (clockwise direction) to prevent any showerhead leaks.

Flow restrictor valve/ water saver. Remove washer and colored restrictor flow valve replace washer.

Calcium/Magnesium or lime scale build up.

Single Lever

A single lever shower set up, remove handle and cover to get access to valve and cartridge. 
Adjust hot 'red' screw, back off counter clockwise or/and cold 'blue' screw as needed for more pressure flow.
(Use Hex/Allan key, 2.5mm flathead screw driver, needle nose pliers).

You may need to replace cartridge, clear clogged pipes. 

You can purchase a water pressure gauge for your home to test overall water pressure coming into your household from city; 50 psi is generally good pressure. 

Use Hex/Allan key, 2.5mm flathead screw driver, needle nose pliers.


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